Voting Rights

Racial inequality in America is not incidental, it’s a structural problem woven into our society on many levels. The long-term societal challenges we face, from climate change, equitable criminal justice, access to education, employment, and fair housing, just to name a few, are rooted in structural inequality. The solution to these problems is a vibrant American democracy where voices are heard, and communities are empowered to use their vote in a powerful way. The solution lies within the right to vote.


Voting rights are the foundation of our democracy, and The Center for Election Science stands firm in our commitment to free and fair elections.  

We need to protect Americans’ right to vote—and to make that vote more powerful. America’s democracy crisis is about more than the freedom to cast a ballot, it’s about the value of that ballot, and whether voters are free to truly express their opinion and use their voice for change.

We must go further than where we’ve been, and address the vote-splitting that disproportionately impacts communities of color. We must follow the example of communities like St. Louis that adopted approval voting and empowered their community to elect a new brand of a visionary leader with a mandate to lead.