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Advocacy & Election Tools

Election Tools

Better voting methods can transform our communities by empowering voters and achieving more effective results. You can be part of the change by enacting better voting methods where you live. Our Election Toolkit includes all the resources you need to implement approval or score voting in your board, organization, or community.

CES Approval Voting Poll
Our own app allows you to conduct polling with approval voting as the default. GET THE APP
Android/iPhone app that uses score and approval voting. It’s intuitive and doesn’t require other participants to download the app. Get Vote Up
Your favorite scheduling app now has a free voting feature and allows for approval-style polling. Get Doodle
Quickly turn friends’ ideas and interests into a clear plan using approval voting. Simply suggest options and tap one past the finish line. Get Sujjest
QuickPoll provides a means of reaching group consensus through a voting method known as approval voting. Get QuickPoll

Find Your Representatives

Tell your elected representatives that you support approval voting and other alternative voting methods as a solution to problems in your community.

Our ballot box is broken, and we need to take action to fix it.

Show your support for replacing our broken, choose-one voting system with a more effective, more representative method—like approval voting.