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Tactical voting
Vote splitting
Spoiler effect
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Our current voting method creates a hyper-partisan environment by pushing out the middle. Approval voting incentivizes compromise. Are you a partisan voter? Approval voting still helps! When you’re able to simultaneously support a moderate candidate, you mitigate the risk of the candidate you hate getting elected. Finally, a winner that we can relate to.

When voters can’t support candidates they really like, those candidates get diminished support, which means their ideas don’t get heard. Approval voting gives a more accurate reflection of support while also encouraging more diverse candidates to run. That’s the marketplace of ideas in action.

Have you ever voted for the more “viable” candidate instead of your favorite? That’s tactical voting. Approval voting always lets you support your honest favorite, no matter what. Never feel like you’re throwing your vote away. Want to have a say amongst the frontrunners? Vote for one of them, too! Approval voting lets you have it all.

Candidates running on similar platforms often split the vote amongst themselves, leading to a less-popular candidate being elected. To avoid vote splitting, approval voting lets you support all the candidates you believe in—simultaneously.

Just because a minor-party or independent candidate decides to run, we shouldn’t get a worse outcome. Approval voting lets you support minor-party candidates and a front-runner, preventing the spoiler effect. That’s how you solve the problem—not by making draconian ballot access laws or shaming candidates against running.

Good candidates avoid running because either they fear being a spoiler, or they’re worried about name recognition. With approval voting, the spoiler effect is no longer an issue and voters don’t have to consider viability when choosing who to support. Approval voting encourages the good candidates you want on your ballot.

Invest in a better voting method that empowers you — not politicians.

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