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Why Alternative Voting Methods Matter at Left Forum

By Aaron Hamlin

The folks at Make Voting Count (formerly Politics and Electoral Reform Working Group) recently invited us to a panel at Left Forum. The conference was held at Pace University in New York City. Naturally, the panel focused on alternative voting methods. Here, our president Aaron Hamlin talks on why alternative voting methods matter.

Our veteran readers may be aware of our past interviews with TJ Frawls at Make Voting Count. You can find them [HERE] and [HERE]. Don’t forget to see their report! There, you’ll find results from both their surveys where they polled New Yorkers using alternative voting methods.

Make Voting Count discussed the results from their study. These findings are detailed in their previous interviews. But you can also find their portion of the panel here: [1] [2] [3] [4]. Their main finding? Plurality Voting does not offer representative results to voters. It simply does not reflect the will of the voters. A more accurate reflection simply cannot take place without alternative voting methods.

Thanks again to Make Voting Count for having us and sharing why alternative voting methods matter! You can support them by liking their FB page here.