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PR 2016-10-05: Crowdfunding for a Smarter Election Process


Crowdfunding for a Smarter Election Process

October 5, 2016 – The Center for Election Science successfully raised over $10,000 through its crowdfunding campaign to fund a first-of-its-kind polling study to see how the U.S. elections would look with different voting methods. The goal was reached to fund the basics of this landmark study, which would be conducted prior to the elections. With results from the polling study, the organization would be able to to answer deeper questions about voter turnout and tactical voting.

At the beginning of September, nearly 30 people made early pledges of over $2,500 to the cause. To describe the mission, the Center for Election Science explains:

Trump and Clinton might be the most unpopular presidential candidates in recent history. Even so, most voters will vote for one of them. But what if voters didn’t have to worry about dilemmas like a “wasted” vote? We want to put all that to the test. Help us get started.

The current choose-one plurality voting system is considered one of the worst voting methods, causing voters to choose against their favorite candidates and resulting in wasted votes and vote splitting. The goal of this poll is to show the U.S. what other voting methods look like. The current system discourages competition and prevents voters from seeking real alternatives. That’s not a healthy democracy. Learn more at the crowdfunding campaign page.

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