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PR 2013-05-02: Approval Voting Gets Its Long-Overdue, Animated Explainer Video

Approval Voting Gets Its Long-Overdue, Animated Explainer Video

Approval voting is a simple alternative voting method that solves many of our problems at the voting booth. And it’s finally gotten its own explainer video thanks to a successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

May 2, 2013

After successfully crowdfunding over $12,000, The Center for Election Science has delivered the first animated explainer video on approval voting. Approval Voting is a long-needed solution to our vote-for-one method. Our status-quo method is vulnerable to vote splitting and causes people to fear wasting their vote when they pick a favorite perceived as less than viable.

Approval Voting is really easy. The only difference is the ballot directions. Instead of “vote for one,” it’s “vote for one or more”. No complicated ranking. That’s it. This small change puts a handle on vote splitting, and it lets voters fearlessly pick their favorites regardless of viability. Now, because of this video, the idea of Approval Voting is finally easy to share.

The Center has entered the video in the Looking@Democracy contest funded by the MacArthur Foundation. The contest has entrants offer solutions to problems in US government. The video was professionally produced in collaboration with Thought Bubble, an award-winning animation company. Because of the video’s high quality, the Center sees itself as a competitor for the contest’s top $25,000 prize. Either way, the video is expected to educate thousands on Approval voting. And that’s a sure win.

Approval Voting Video:

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