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Approval Voting Video Submitted for Looking@Democracy Contest

By Aaron Hamlin

After a successful fundraising campaign, we finally have our Approval Voting video (above). Excitingly, we have also entered the video in the Looking@Democracy contest. This contest has entrants demonstrate innovative approaches to improving US government. Public voting has begun and continues through May 16th. We could really use your support. Winners for the public choice award and from judges will be announced on June 7th.

And really, how would Approval Voting not improve US government? It fixes the spoiler effect. You get better winners. And losers get a more accurate reflection of support. Consequently, this broadens the dialogue and leads towards more competitive elections. And it’s so easy! This is a no brainer.

The first prize is $25,000, which would really help us grow. This is a great position to be in. We’d like to thank some of the supporters that got us here:

Adnan Malik | Anders Lankford | Andy Kluger | Annemarie McCartney | Ariel Kirkwood | Barry Donnelly | Brian Grossman | Brian Hauer | Brian Shank | Cathy Thorsen | Corina Solis | Curtis McCartney | Dale Sheldon-Hess | Debra Cleaver | Douglas Dysart | Drexden Davis | Frank Atwood | Frederick Schein | George Sanders | Greg Wolfe | *Guy Ottewell | Helen & Dan Quinn | Henry Phillips | Jeremiah Delgado | John M Flanigan | Justin Baxter | Kirby Ferguson | Leon P Smith | Matt Lane | Matthew Wellar |Maxime Levesque | Micah Catlin | Michael Hoyer | Mike Spalding | Patrick Gonet | Radha Edwards | Rob LeGrande | Robert Jochim | Robert Norman | Sandra Lane | Seamus Casey | Siegfried Bruner | Stephen Collings | Stephen Unger | Steve Omohundro | Thomas Rosenbaum | Tom Fehr | Tyson F Nuss | Velvet Voelz | Webster Walker | William Bartholomew

*Guy Ottewell is an early developer of Approval Voting, and it is an honor to have him as a supporter.

Also special thanks to those who gave us support through offering perks for our fundraising: Dr. Steven Brams, William Poundstone, and Dr. Kenneth Arrow. And thank you to all the scholars that put down the groundwork for getting us this far including Dr. Warren Smith. His proliferation of work andBayesian Regret analyses helped to create a broader approach to assessing voting methods.

There were also some talented organizations that helped make the video. These include Thought Bubble, a nonprofit animation company based in Toronto and SpinMyLogo whose work you can see at the end of the video (thanks, Dan!). This could not have been possible without their hard work.

We hope everyone enjoys the Approval Voting video and is able to share it with others.

Please, don’t forget to vote!