February 2019 Newsletter

You voted, and your voice was heard!

Last month, we asked you to vote in our approval-style poll to help us decide on a name for our newsletter. As you can see, the results came in and the favorite name was “The Voter’s Voice”! Thank you to the 50+ supporters who took part in this decision! Moving forward, you will see the “Voter’s Voice” banner on all of our monthly newsletters, helping to distinguish them from separate special email announcements.

We are only a couple dozen supporters away from hitting 2,000! Help us spread the word about better voting methods by sharing our newsletter signup with your friends. We’ll give out CES Swag Packs to 3 lucky subscribers once we hit our goal!

CES Staff and Volunteers

We want to meet you in person!

This year, CES staff will be travelling across the country, and we’d love to meet you while we’re in town!

From March 29-31, we will be attending and speaking at the Unrig Summit in Nashville. If you’d like to attend, you can get 10% off your ticket price by using the promo code CES. If you’ll be in Nashville, even if you aren’t attending the conference, let us know so we can make plans to meet you!

We will also be visiting Seattle, San Francisco, DC, Philadelphia, Boston, NYC, Las Vegas, & LA this year. If you’re in those areas, please take our survey so we can bring you engaging programming that aligns with your interests!

Wanted: Diverse voices on voting reform

As leaders in the voting reform space, it is important that we are proactive in making the movement for better voting methods more diverse, inclusive, and equitable. One way we can do that is by better representing women, people of color, and other historically under-served communities on our board of directors.

If you identify with one of these groups, we strongly encourage you to apply to join our board! Your perspective is valuable and very much needed in the fight for voting reform. 

Check out our blog post about what it means to be a CES board member, and send us an email expressing your interest. If you know any other women, people of color, or folks from other under-represented populations who would be interested, please share our blog post with them. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Limits of RCV

After seeing a number of anti-approval voting hit pieces floating around, we felt it was time to address the misinformation being spread about RCV. Our response was a measured critique of the issues with ranked-choice. Check it out on our blog and let us know your thoughts!

The Plurality Pandemic

Last fall, CES executive director Aaron Hamlin spoke at EA Global London. His talk explained the problems with our current choose-one voting method, and the enormous benefits society would reap if we switched to something better. Check out his talk on YouTube!