June 2019 Newsletter

“An opportunity for the people to actually have a say so in the way democracy should be going.” 

That’s what local committeeman Rasheen Aldridge had to say when asked about the campaign to bring approval voting to St. Louis.

We met Rasheen while helping kick off a major fundraising drive for our partners at STL Approves. Dozens of St. Louis residents showed up for the Dancing, Drinks, and Democracy fundraiser to show their support for approval voting. 

St. Louisians, tired of extreme vote splitting determining the outcome of their elections, contributed $2,600 to STL Approves at the fundraiser, proving their commitment to a better democracy. 

We can’t wait to help bring approval voting to St. Louis, but to do so, we need your help! For every $5 you donate, we can educate 20 St. Louisans about the benefits of approval voting. We learned last year in Fargo that education is the key to victory. Can you help us reach more St. Louisans?

CES staff, STL Approves activists, and folks from across St. Louis showed up to support approval voting!

Make the Founding Fathers Proud this July 4th!

Support the revolution for better voting methods by making a recurring donation to CES. Supporters who make a monthly gift by July 31st will receive a free piece of CES swag before it goes on sale to the general public! We’ve got new shirts, hoodies, mugs, totes, and more. Lead the charge by getting yours before the swag store opens in August!

Center for Election Science staff and supporters at a social event.

Join Us for Drinks + Democracy, Caitlyn! 

This month, we got to sit down with voting method reformers just like you over tacos in San Francisco. We had so much fun chatting about the upcoming elections and learning why they’re passionate about voting methods.

We’re continuing our summer tour across the US, and we want to meet with you, too, Caitlyn! 

For New Yorkers, we have a super special treat⁠—the opportunity to meet approval voting pioneer Steven Brams! Get your tickets before they sell out.

RSVP Now to Join Us!
7/9: Approval Voting Presentation in Boston/Cambridge
7/9: Happy Hour in Boston/Cambridge
7/10: Exclusive Dinner with Dr. Steven Brams in NYC
7/14: Happy Hour in Philadelphia
7/15: Happy Hour in Washington, DC

Volunteer with us at Netroots or FreedomFest!

CES Staff and Board at an Event

Are you already planning to attend Netroots Nation or FreedomFest this July? If so, consider volunteering with us! Our team will be staffing a booth in the exhibit halls, and we would love to have passionate supporters help out.If you’re interested, email Caitlyn for more information! 

Netroots Nation: July 11-13 in Philadelphia, PA
FreedomFest: July 17-20 in Las Vegas, NV

Test Your Voting Method Knowledge!

Voting Methods 101 Pop Quiz

Last month, Celeste Landry won a FREE approval voting sticker by passing the Voting Methods 101 Quiz! Think you know voting methods? Give it a try!

Fill in the blank: “The ____ criterion is fulfilled when a voter cannot cause a more preferred candidate to lose by giving an additional ranking or positive rating to a less preferred candidate.”

Board member Nate Schwalb, executive director Aaron Hamlin, and donor Jordon Kalilich.

Board Spotlight: Responsive Institutions

Why did Nate Schwalb join our board? He explains his desire for elected officials to truly represent and be responsive to the needs of voters in our Board Spotlight.

Unrig Summit: The Story of Fargo

Executive director Aaron Hamlin told the inspiring story of how Fargo citizens led the charge for approval voting in the US at Unrig Summit this March. Check out the video!

Donor Spotlight: Investing in Efficiency

How does a passion for computers connect with approval voting? Jordon Kalilich explains his focus on efficient systems in our latest Donor Spotlight.