April 2019 Newsletter

Can You Help Us Do More Science?

Thanks to you, our generous supporters, and support from the Open Philanthropy Project, we’re just days away from the deadline for applicants to submit their resumes for our first Director of Campaigns and Advocacy. Your support is allowing us to hire an individual with the experience to successfully execute larger and more complex campaigns in cities around the country. Thank you for making this possible, First name!

But there’s still lots more to be done if we want to empower the rest of the country with a better ballot. Check out our latest blog post to learn why we still need your support to launch campaigns and conduct research.

Seattle and San Francisco, Here We Come!

CES will be in Seattle in early May, and we’d love to meet you in person! Come chat with us about voting methods at one of our two scheduled Seattle social events:

– Happy Hour at Wayward Vegan Cafe on May 5
– Social Dinner at Broadfork Cafe on May 8

In June, we’ll be making our way to San Francisco for EA Global. If you’re in the Bay Area, join us for tacos at Chisme Cantina. We’d love to see you there!

– Lunchtime Social at Chisme Cantina on June 20

See What You Made Happen in 2018

A Year of Transformation

We had so many huge accomplishments last year, and it’s all thanks to your generous support. We couldn’t have done it without you. Check out the sleek design of our 2018 Annual Report and read more about how we worked to empower voters last year.

Building a Strong Board of Directors

An effective board is essential to the growth and success of a nonprofit, and that’s why we’re working to expand and build our board. We need folks from different backgrounds with different skills and expertise to help us achieve our goal of empowering voters through better voting methods. 

We just brought on our first new board member of the year! His name is Michael Ruvinsky and he’s a professional actor living in Los Angeles, CA.

“As a longtime follower and supporter of CES, I’m delighted to join the board!” Michael said. “I’m passionate about improving the systems of our democracy. I believe that approval voting is the key to empowering our disenfranchised, frustrated electorate, and to supplanting the rule of money with a fair, effective, healthy democracy.”

Welcome on board, Michael! 

Interested in applying to be a board member or know someone who is? Check out our blog and then send us an email!

St. Louis City: Gateway to Approval Voting?

We’ve been hearing rumblings of a campaign to bring approval voting to St. Louis, MO. We’ll be keeping a close eye on how this situation develops. One thing is for sure: approval voting is picking up steam!

Volunteer Spotlight: Approval Voting Army

A common theme among our supporters and volunteers is that they are initiative-takers—and volunteer Dakota Rhodes is no different. Read more about why she reduced her hours at work to campaign for approval voting.