The left side of the photo says "Approval Voting: The New Frontier in Voting Rights" and the right side shows a photo of Tiesa Leggett, one of the event panelists.
Seen from above, one white hand holds a paper with various charts and graphs on it, while another white hand points at it with a pen. A smart phone and a computer can also be seen with the same images on them.
The left side of the image reads "Campaign Finance: Shining a Light on Political Power" while the right side of the image shows a photo of Pete Quist
An image with a red bar on top, a black bar in the middle, and a green bar on the bottom. "Juneteenth" is spelled out in yellow letters on the middle black bar.
Commentary & Analysis
An Asian woman, a man, and a Black woman stand side by side, each holding protest signs. One says "We are all equal", another says "Justice 4 All," and the last says, "I want to be heard".
Six arms extend out, putting one hand on top of the other. Beneath the hands is a table with papers showing graphs and data.