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Looking to change the world?

We’re working to create fairer, more representative elections in cities across the country⁠. In the last few years we have helped to make approval voting a reality for two US cities: Fargo in 2018 and St. Louis in 2020. We want to empower even more voters with approval voting, and we need a strong board to do it!

Are you interested in helping us fix the fundamental flaws in our democracy? Are you ready to make an enormous impact in people’s lives?

As an organization that strives to bring diversity, equity, and inclusion not just to our country but to our organization itself, we encourage applications from candidates of all backgrounds. We especially encourage applications from BIPOC and female-identifying candidates, as well as candidates from across the political spectrum.

What does being a board member involve?

There are many qualities that make a good board member and many ways that board members can contribute to the success of our organization. The most important quality is having a passion for the work that we do. 

Here are other ways that board members can help the organization succeed in its goals. The strongest candidates will be able to either 1) fulfill all of these responsibilities, or 2) contribute to one category at a very high level.

Time: The minimum time requirement is to attend quarterly board meetings, which run 2-3 hours. Most members give much more of their time, serving on at least one committee and spending time contributing in other ways as well.

Giving: Board members are expected to show their commitment to the organization through personal donations. Personal donations will vary by capacity to give, but you are expected to make CES your primary charitable commitment and to give appropriately for your capacity. A good rule of thumb is at least 1% of annual income. Another is the Life You Can Save Calculator.

Fundraising: Similarly, you will be expected to advocate for CES by soliciting donations of an appropriate size from your network.

Network: Leverage your personal network to benefit CES—through fundraising, endorsements, networking, campaigning, and other forms of advocacy. One way to be an exceptional candidate is by having strong connections to influential people who can advance our mission (or by being such a person yourself).

Diversity: Have a background or perspective that isn’t adequately represented on our board. Be willing and able to bring that perspective to the table in guiding the organization. Be able to advocate authentically for the organization among any of the many different communities we serve.

Expertise: Bring expertise that can benefit the organization’s goals. For example, if you have knowledge of finance, law, public relations, journalism, or campaigns; if you are an experienced organizer, advocate, or board member; if you have a large social media following—these can all be helpful to our cause. 

Why join the Board?

Cause: Fixing the fundamental flaws of our democracy is one of the most high-impact, far-reaching solutions there is.

Revolutionary: Your advancement of our work means making new strides and fundamentally improving the power dynamic between people and their representatives.

Community: Connect with key people on the front lines of democracy reform.

Philanthropy: Feed your need to make a positive impact.

Career: Develop skills of leadership and group problem-solving, and let future employers know you care about making the world a better place.


If that sounds exciting, you may want to give this essay a read on what it takes to be a great board member. You can also find documents related to questions you should be thinking about on our transparency page.

Contact us and learn more. Know someone who’d be a good fit? Send them this page!

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