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Why should environmentalists care about voting reform?

How do environmentalists and voting reform connect?

Statistics show that nearly 70% of Americans think the federal government is doing too little to address climate change. Despite this overwhelming consensus among citizens, the government continues to avoid taking aggressive action to protect the environment. Why is that?

Part of the problem is our awful, choose-one voting system that incentivizes candidates to appeal to a small base of support and doesn’t give elected officials real accountability or a strong mandate to govern.

Check out our discussion below about how a better way of voting—approval voting—is one of the keys to stronger climate action.

Featured in the discussion are Christine Morshedi, Group Leader for the San Diego County North Inland Chapter of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, and Michael Ruvinsky, CES board member.

You can also check out our blog to learn about Christine’s journey from voting reform advocacy to climate activism.