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Voting in a Pandemic: What You Need to Know

The 2020 general election will be one like no other. It’s taking place during a global health crisis and amidst nationwide disruption of the postal service.

So, how can you make sure that you’re able to cast your vote this November and prepare yourself to make a choice about all of the candidates and issues that will appear on your ballot?

Check out our discussion with Kunal Goel, Business Development Representative at BallotReady. He’ll fill you in on the practicalities of how to register to vote, request an absentee or mail-in ballot, and find your polling place. He’ll also show you how to find information about all of the candidates and issues that will appear on your ballot so you can enter the polling booth equipped with the knowledge you need!

Make a Plan to Vote!

  1. Check your registration and get registered if you aren’t.
  2. Request your absentee ballot or vote-by-mail ballot if that option is available in your state. Request your ballot as early as possible.
  3. If you’re voting by mail, remember that you have the option to return your ballot by depositing it in a secure ballot dropbox, rather than mailing it back, if you prefer.
  4. If you’re voting in-person, double-check your polling location. Take note of your state’s early voting period and try to vote early if you can.
  5. Research all of the candidates and issues that will be on your ballot so you can be informed when it’s time to vote. BallotReady can help!

Go to to get your own personalized Election Center where you can check your registration, request a ballot, find your polling place, and see all the candidates and issues that will be on your ballot.

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