The Fair Elections Roadmap: Redistricting and Open Primaries Reform

In recent years, reformers have sought to heal the partisanship that divides our nation while making our elections fairer and more representative. Two important reforms that have gained steam are redistricting reform and open primaries with a top-two runoff. Proponents argue that each of these reforms would take power out of the hands of the legislators, established political parties, and special interests and return it to the people.

We sat down with Dr. Christian Grose, Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Policy at the University of Southern California, to talk about his research on these reforms for the Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy. He also directs USC’s Fair Maps and Political Reform Lab, where researchers, students, and policy practitioners work together to generate new ideas to transform American democracy. Christian is also an expert in political reforms and voting rights, including top-two primaries, and the independent redistricting commission. His book, “Congress in Black and White” won the best book on Race & Politics Award from the American Political Science Association.

We explore his analyses of gerrymandering, false majorities, and the impact that both redistricting reform and open primary systems have on our elections.

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