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Gaming the Vote: A Conversation with William Poundstone

It’s no secret. Elections in the US aren’t fair. But why? There are a lot of contributing factors, but one that doesn’t get much airtime is our voting method.

In this live discussion from 4/2/20, CES board member Michael Ruvinsky talks with William Poundstone, best-selling author of Gaming the Vote: Why Elections Aren’t Fair (And What We Can Do About It). They touch on Poundston’es thoughts on the 2020 election, how approval voting could improve our politics, his thoughts on the coronavirus pandemic, and more, followed by audience Q+A.

PS: Next month, voters in Fargo will use approval voting for the first time. But they won’t be voting from a polling place where they can ask questions about this new method. They’ll be voting from home. So they need your help. Can you chip in $10 or more to help educate Fargo voters on their new method?