Approval Voting: The New Frontier for Voting Rights

This year, we’ve seen a renewed surge in interest in voting rights and voter enfranchisement. Many reformers and activists are identifying ways to make sure that all Americans are able to fully access their right to vote, from extending early voting periods, implementing vote-by-mail options, enacting automatic voter registration, and more.

But what many of these conversations around voting rights leave out is voting methods.

No matter how voter-friendly we make our systems, if the method we’re using to cast votes dilutes the voices of particular communities and leads to election results that don’t truly represent the will of the people, voters are not being fully enfranchised.

That’s why we’ve assembled a panel of voting rights activists and approval voting advocates from across the country to discuss how the movement for approval voting is an integral part of the movement for voting rights.

You’ll hear from activists in North Dakota, Missouri, and Texas about the voting rights issues that are most pressing right now, and how approval voting can be part of the solution.


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