America’s Favorite Reform: A Dive into Approval Voting Polling

There’s not much Americans can agree on lately. Partisanship and division are at all-time highs, and nearly every issue gets viewed through either a red or blue lens.

Given the discord in our country right now, it’s worth taking a closer look when you find a reform that cuts across demographic, partisan, and geographic lines. And that’s exactly what we found when we polled voters in 21 states about their support for approval voting.

Approval voting has strong support across the country, with an average of 71.9% of respondents saying they would support an approval voting ballot initiative in their state.

Check out our dive into this polling data and what it means for the future of the approval voting movement. Our Director of Applied Data & Research, Whitney Hua, will take you through the findings and answer your questions about how the poll was conducted.