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You can put approval voting on the map


I’m on a mission to make voting mean something. 

I organized the first successful approval voting win in Fargo, but stopping at Fargo was never my goal. I see it as a pathway to large scale voting reform that had to start somewhere.

As a longtime human rights organizer, what attracts me most to approval voting is its potential to put power back in the hands of the people—particularly those without a seat at the table. I’m excited by approval voting’s ability to bring more representative elections to majority-minority cities like St. Louis.

Andrea at Standing Rock

Growing up, I didn’t come from means. So it’s important to me to see income inequality, racial justice, and environmental justice handled with the urgency they deserve. That’s why I’m working toward creating a government that is responsive to the needs of its people and actually solves the life-or-death issues we face every day.

In the middle of a deadly pandemic, racial uprisings, irreversible environmental damage, and the grave possibility of economic collapse, the era of out-of-touch politicians must end. We can no longer afford to put our lives and safety in the hands of people who don’t truly understand or even care to represent us. 

With your gift today in support of approval voting, we can make sure that those in power truly represent the will of the people.

Right now, we need wide-scale emergency management and the perspectives of people who are experts in their fields. We need diverse politicians in office who understand our issues and come prepared with real solutions. Scientists, teachers, economists, activists, single moms, and laborers.

With approval voting, we can make that happen. We can elect candidates who proactively champion ALL of our interests—not just the interests of their donors or a select minority of the electorate.

Thanks to you, voters in Fargo and St. Louis are now empowered with that ability. These two landslide wins are just the tip of the iceberg for what’s to come. The momentum that this movement has garnered is tremendous, and there is no doubt that an approval voting wave is on the horizon. 

Your support will help us fund even more wins in 2021 and beyond, including the six approval voting campaign grant proposals we received from grassroots advocates across the country.

It’s clear that people are hungry for change, as we received proposals from Utah, Austin, Seattle, the Bay Area, and Colorado. Beyond these grant proposals, over 105 people have requested approval voting chapters in their area, with more requests coming in every day.

Fargo Approval Voting Supporters

Broken elections are everywhere. And I want to fund all of these proposals and launch as many new local chapters as possible.

Will you join me in my mission?

Quite literally, the only thing standing in the way of empowering more people across the country with approval voting is limited resources.

We’ll launch as many campaigns as funds allow. Your support puts approval voting on the map.

By deciding whether to give today, you determine how big a wave we will make across the nation. We’ll run as many campaigns as donors like you will help fund. We’ve got the formula, and we’re ready to roll. 

With your contribution today, you are saying yes to better elections. Your gift places the power of fairer elections in the hands of everyday Americans, like yourself.

And we promise to put your donation to work immediately in targeted cities across the country.

Your dollars will help hire more people like me to work with grassroots advocates across the country who want to bring approval voting to their cities.

By giving, you are part of this historic wave sweeping the nation. Real change is coming—I can feel it. Together, you and I can create fairer elections and put approval voting on the map. 

Join me in bringing equality—and fairness—to the voting booth!

In solidarity,
Andrea Denault
National Campaigns and Advocacy Coordinator 

P.S. A generous group of donors has promised to match every dollar up to $40,000. Make your gift go twice as far by giving before December 31st.