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Don’t You Have Plenty of Money Already?

It’s a valid question, and one we’ve been asked several times by supporters like you. We get it.

If you’ve been following our work for any time, you know that in late 2017, we received a large unrestricted grant that allowed us to bring on full-time staff for the first time. Then, we secured a three-year renewal grant from that funder. That gave us $600,000 a year to work with through 2021.

These grants have been game-changers for our work. But we still need your help. Here’s why.

Our grant lets us operate at the scale we did in 2018 when we helped Fargo, North Dakota become the first city in the United States to adopt approval voting. To tackle bigger cities like St. Louis or statewide campaigns, like we hope to do in North Dakota, we need a bigger budget. Over $1M a year. (Individual organizations working on other voting methods have budgets over $3M and some even over $5M a year, which drowns out approval voting’s movement.)

That means we have a $400,000 shortfall to make up each year just to get a $1M budget.

Last year, we raised $200,000 outside any of these grants—4x more than any previous year. But that’s still far short of the $400,000 we must raise to make up that shortfall.

And while we’re working hard to build relationships with national foundation funders and large individual donors, it takes time. To cover the budget gap, we need to increase our donations by 50% each and every year after that. So that’s $300K in 2019, $450K in 2020, and $675K in 2021.

This is an extremely ambitious growth rate, which is why we need your support.

We’re about halfway towards our goal of raising $300,000 this year. And we have only 13 days remaining in the year.

Your contributions this year will help us continue to be able to bring approval voting to hundreds of thousands of people each year. Without it, this could be in jeopardy.