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Board Spotlight: Voting Methods as a Voting Rights Issue

Meaningful representation. That’s what drives Hilary Krase, one of our newest board members. 

As someone with an educational background in political science and sociology, plus a law degree from Berkeley, the interaction between laws, policy, and representation has always intrigued her. 

“People now have the right to vote despite their skin color or property ownership,” Hilary said. “But we need better voting methods in place so that votes aren’t split and people’s views are truly represented.”

From Hilary’s perspective, voting methods are an important aspect of the voting rights discussion. The way we vote can quite literally marginalize an individual’s (or an entire community’s) voice through the scourge of vote-splitting. 

With approval voting, it doesn’t have to be that way. Every voter’s voice can be fully heard.

“A lot of people see approval voting and think it’s just another voting method, but it leads to something larger—getting diverse representation of opinions in office.”

Hilary’s strong sense of fairness and civic engagement was instilled in her from a young age by her father who also practiced law. Throughout her law career, Hilary has had opportunities to channel her passion for social justice and representation.

After a federal clerkship, Hilary joined the litigation department of a San Francisco law firm, where she currently practices.

Hilary discovered The Center for Election Science through her husband, a voting methods enthusiast (he’s even creating a voting-methods-themed board game). Having a passion for voting rights and better voting methods, board service with CES seemed like the perfect opportunity for her.

“It’s really intellectually stimulating, and a good nexus for all of my interests,” Hilary said.

When she’s not working or advocating for approval voting, Hilary might be found hiking with her dog Nino and playing board games and puzzles with her husband. Some of their favorites, unsurprisingly, are politically-themed: Coup and MapMaker.

The rest of the board and staff at CES are so happy to have Hilary as part of our team. Her unique background, passions, and talents bring a unique perspective to the movement for better elections! 

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