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Why I’m Excited about Next Year

As soon as the votes were tallied on election night in St. Louis, and it became clear that Proposition D would pass with close to 70 percent support, I immediately started thinking about the next campaign for the approval voting movement. As Chairman of the Board at The Center for Election Science, I am overwhelmed with the urgency of the moment for our democracy and the importance of our work. 

As we close out the year, I’m so excited about where the movement for approval voting is headed. Our team has worked tirelessly with approval voting activists on the ground to develop chapters across the country. These chapters can replicate the success we have seen in Fargo and St. Louis. As you may know, our partners at Seattle Approves just launched their campaign to bring approval voting to Emerald City and its 730,000+ residents. With your help, we’ll have achieved what it took the Ranked Choice Voting movement decades to accomplish in four years. And it’s thanks to you and your support.

Seattle is the new frontier for approval voting

Giving Tuesday is an important day for donors and nonprofits alike. It’s a day where donors can focus on what kind of progress they want to see in the world, and nonprofits raise the money to make it happen. As an approval voting supporter, I know that you care about better elections, and you want to see more voters empowered with a meaningful voice at the ballot box. With your support, we can make better elections and empowered voters a reality across the US. 

The ambitions of The Center for Election Science are only limited by the funds we receive from our community. Our campaigns team has plans in place for numerous campaigns across the country. Many local advocates are ready to start gathering signatures. All that stands in our way are the resources necessary to support the campaigns. 

Join me on #GivingTuesday to give what you can to The Center for Election Science, and together we’ll transform that energy into lasting reform and heal our democracy. Thanks to our partnership with the Effective Altruism Network, we have an unprecedented opportunity to match 100% of your gift on November 30th.

The match will be made on a first-come, first-served basis until the funds run out.

Here’s how it works: 

  • Sign up here, and you’ll receive updates about the coming campaign
  • On November 30th, donate through this special page and help us receive the match! 

We have a lot to be proud of this year. As a Californian, I’m inspired by the work of our chapters in the state. Communities like Culver City are ready for approval voting.

This holiday season, I hope you get time to relax and reflect on all we’ve been through over the last two years. I hope that reflection fills you with motivation as it does me. Our democracy can be better than it’s been. Next year, we can take this organization to new heights and give American voters a new power to shape their future. Thank you for taking this journey with us. 

Local activists aim to get approval voting on the ballot for Culver City in 2022!