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The Best of 2018 Article Roundup

Another year has come and gone, and we will soon be ringing in 2019! As we reflect on our achievements this year and our goals for next year, it got us thinking about all of the great coverage that the fight for better voting methods has received in the press. Here, we round up our favorite media mentions and blog posts from 2018. We hope you enjoy looking back on the year as much as we did!

Our Favorite Media Features:

80,000 Hours Podcast — “Politics is so much worse because we use an atrocious 18th-century voting system. Aaron Hamlin has a viable plan to fix it” by Robert Wiblin and Keiran Harris

Reason Magazine — “Fargo Considers Whether to Turn Local Elections into a Voting System of Likes (and Dislikes)” by Scott Shackford

Fargo Forum — “Join me in voting in favor of approval voting” by Jim Shaw

Vox — “This city just approved a new election system never tried before in America” by Kelsey Piper

Our Favorite CES Blog Posts:

How I Became an Approval Voting Supporter by Jeff Justice

CES Sponsors Successful British Columbia Symposium on Proportional Representation by Jameson Quinn

What Makes a Voting Method Good? by Aaron Hamlin

What’s Up with the Two-Party Domination? My Dive into Duverger’s Law by Andy Zou

Fargo, ND Makes History: First US City to Implement Approval Voting by Aaron Hamlin

How Will You Improve the World? by William Poundstone

Thank you for supporting us by reading and sharing our blogs, and continuing to come back for more! We look forward to providing you with an updated website and fresh voting methods content in 2019.

Happy New Year!