CES Updates

We’re Hiring!

With exciting projects like our push in Fargo and general capacity building, we’ve reached the point where we have to bring on more staff. We’re hiring for two positions: (1) Director of Operations and Programs and (2) Director of Philanthropy.

Director of Operations and Programs

The Director of Operations and Programs is an executive-level position. In addition to our project working with folks in Fargo, we have other programs this position would help us progress and develop. Additionally, this role would be helping us with outreach, marketing, and our online presence. This position works directly with the executive director to further our operations and programs.

See the full posting at idealist.org.

Director of Philanthropy

This is also an executive-level position. The Director of Philanthropy helps us coordinate our donor support network and facilitates relationships through our board of directors. This role also involves grant writing and grant stewardship. The Executive Director is still responsible for performing large asks while the Director of Philanthropy focuses on donor communications and coordination logistics. This position helps us to provide the financing and diversity of funds to allow us to do our work and be financially healthy.

See the full posting at idealist.org.

Does this sound like a fit for you or someone you know? We’re looking for staff who are intelligent, passionate about our cause, and are committed to overdelivering. Both positions have competitive pay and benefits. Plus, you get to work from home for both of them as we’re a virtual organization. We pride ourselves in treating our staff well and providing them with a fulfilling experience.