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We’re Recruiting Board Members!

Looking to change the world?

We had a big year in 2018 with our successful campaign that make Fargo the first city in the US to implement approval voting. We want to bring approval voting to even more cities in 2019 and beyond, and we need a strong board to be able to do it!

Are you interested in helping us fundamentally change the way voting methods work? Are you ready to make an enormous impact in people’s lives? There’s no better way to dedicate your time and resources than with us.

Interested? Contact us and learn more. Know someone who’d be a good fit? Send them this blog post!

What does being a board member involve?

Here are some of the core responsibilities:

Time: ~10 hours/month
Give/Get: Total $3K+ annually with a minimum of $500 for the give and fundraising each
Network: Willingness to leverage personal network to benefit CES
Expertise: Bring expertise that can benefit the organization’s goals
Meetings: Contribute to quarterly virtual board meetings and meetings for your committee

Other positives:

Cause: You helping to change the voting method is one of the most high-impact causes there is.
Revolutionary: Your advancement of our work means making new strides and fundamentally changing how elections run.
Community: Get opportunities for you to meet with key people in the front lines of election reform.
Philanthropy: Feed your need to effectively make a positive impact.
Career: Let future employers know that you’re the type of person who gives back.

If that sounds exciting, I encourage you to give this essay a read on what it takes to be a great board member. You can also find documents related to questions you should be thinking on our transparency page.

Interested in joining our team? Know someone who’d be a good fit?

Let us know!