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Protecting Our Long-Term Future with Better Elections

When you enter the voting booth, you’re often thinking about the immediate effects that electing one candidate or another would have. Will they raise or lower your taxes? Will your local public school receive more or less funding? Will the winning candidate put more of an emphasis on foreign or domestic policy?

But in addition to those immediate outcomes, elections also have consequences for our long-term future. Risks such as biological threats, AI safety, and nuclear weapons safety are issues that voters might not think about every day but which pose a serious threat to our future.

These threats can be mitigated by strong, long-term policies. But that requires electing people who will create and sustain those policies.

It is with that goal in mind that the Long-Term Future Fund awarded a $50,000 grant The Center for Election Science.

This grant will go towards creating a research department to objectively study alternative voting methods and their impacts on election results and long-term public policy. With this funding, we’ll be able to conduct national polls and other research projects to measure the effects of alternative voting methods and shine more light on this under-studied topic.

The outcomes of our elections have serious consequences for both the short-term and long-term future, making it crucial that we use the right voting method to determine those outcomes. We’re so grateful to the Long-Term Future Fund as they support us in investigating the effect of alternative voting methods on strong, long-term future policymaking.