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Poll: Election Science Office Mascot

We all could use some levity right now, and what’s better to brighten your mood than some adorable pet photos?

The Center for Election Science staff all have their own fur babies, and of course each staff member thinks THEIR pet would make the best office mascot. Exchanging photos of our cute creatures turned into a heated debate over which pet should represent our organization (the opposition was particularly fierce between the warring Luna camps).

Before this pet rivalry got too out of control, we decided we’d turn the decision over to you to decide through an approval voting poll. Vote for the pet(s) you think deserve the title of Election Science Office Mascot!

This awesome poll was created for us by our friends at Sujjest.

If you or your business would like to create your own customized image poll with approval voting, learn more and get in touch with Sujjest.