CES Updates

Our Commitment to You in a Time of Crisis

I know that right now many of you are concerned about what the future holds. And while I am certain that other issues such as your health, employment, and family top your list of concerns, I want to reach out to reassure you that we have not forgotten about you and our shared fight for a stronger democracy. The days ahead will be tough, but we remain committed to empowering you with fairer, more representative elections. It’s crises like this that signal how important our work is so that you have the ability to elect strong leadership to government. 

We will continue operations to fulfill our mission during this pandemic. Fortunately, as a virtual organization with an all-remote team, we find ourselves uniquely prepared for this situation. We have, however, canceled all upcoming staff travel and public events. Because of this, it’s all the more important that you’re able to keep engaging in ways to empower your community with better elections.

We will expand upon our existing online programming, sharing information about voting methods via Facebook and Twitter, lectures on Zoom, and more. We also invite you to join us on our Discord channel, where you can meet others who are fighting for change. In the coming days, we will communicate with you about new opportunities for you to connect with people in your local area who want to work together for fairer, more representative elections. 

I know how important it is for many of you that the campaign for better elections in St. Louis succeeds. As one of you so inspiringly said the other day, “This is the most important work for the future of democracy in America.” I want to reassure you that we have reason to be optimistic that the initiative for approval voting will make the ballot.

Our friends at STL Approves pushed hard last Tuesday, during their primary, to collect the signatures they needed to make the ballot. Little did we know just how important this push would be as COVID-19 was deemed a pandemic just days later. As with many items at the moment, exact dates are up in the air for when the city of St. Louis will confirm the signatures. But, we promise to share more information with you as soon as we can. 

Thank you for being a part of the CES family and supporting this incredibly important work to improve our communities by changing the way that we vote. If we can answer any questions or provide any resources, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re in this together. 

Our thoughts are with you. We’ll be here pushing forward. Stay with us so that our work on better elections can mitigate the next inevitable crisis. It’s times like this that remind us just how much that the voting method matters.


Aaron Hamlin
Executive Director