CES Updates

Welcome to Our New and Improved Site!

By Aaron Hamlin
We’ve been working a lot behind the scenes lately to help deliver you a better experience through our website. We hope our new look makes things a lot easier to find. Also, we’ll be adding new resources as we go along!

Where to begin!?

First, our site now hosts a traditional blog. The new structure makes it a lot easier for us to add content, even if it’s for smaller news updates. We can now react much quicker now.

We also have a virtual library where we store our more static and technical articles. And we have it organized by topic for your convenience.

Further, we’ve separated out our media. You can find our podcasts organized by date as well as our videos organized by topic.

We also recognize your desire for involvement, so we’ve created an entire page with volunteer opportunities.

Approval and score voting are highlighted now within reforms. And we have a page describing reform progress.

And we can’t forget about all your support. We have a page just for our supporters and volunteers. Thank you!

Want to continue to give your support? Right on our new home page, you’ll find a button where you can sign on to be a supporter.

Stay tuned. We look forward to bringing you more!