CES Updates

November Radio Blitz

You may have noticed that our media presence has picked up this month. We’ve already been on four radio stations talking about approval voting.

Our most recent interview was with Don Rosen at 1380AM The Big. There, we spoke about approval voting and what it means in practice—a common theme for us.

Our other appearances include Phil Hullet & Friends (start at 66:00), Jim Brown’s Common Sense (start at 27:30), and Doug Stephan’s Morning Show (start at Hour 5, 8:40).

There’s always plenty for us to talk about when it comes to our failed choose-one voting method. We can be talking about the vote splitting effect, when support divides between similar candidates. We can be talking about not being able to support your honest favorite and how that creates a barrier to entry for new ideas. We’ve got a lot of material.

If you haven’t been able to keep up, you can find our upcoming radio spots on our homepage at the bottom next to “upcoming events.” We also do announcements on our social media including Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, be on the lookout for our upcoming interview with Rob Kall on Bottom Up Radio! We look forward to you tuning in.