CES Updates

A New Website for a New Age of Voting Reform

The Center for Election Science has officially launched our brand new website! We continue to have the same great educational resources, such as library articles, a comprehensive voting methods glossary, and in-depth blog posts. Whether you’re a voting methods newbie or an expert, you’ll be able to find the information you need within our website.

In addition to our educational articles, we’ve also added new tools to help voting methods supporters take action to advance the cause of better voting methods. We’ve added an Election Toolkit that will provide you with sample ballots, information on how to implement approval voting in your community, and educational flyers and brochures that you can use to raise awareness. We’ve also added a Find Your Legislators tool so that you can quickly and easily contact your representatives to express your support for alternative voting methods. Finally, we’ve added a petition you can sign to show your support of approval voting and other alternative methods. 

Last year was a historic year for alternative voting methods, with Fargo, ND becoming the first US city to implement approval voting and a number of other voting methods initiatives taking place across the country. We think that 2019 and beyond will shape up to be even bigger years for voting reform, as the public starts to catch on to the effectiveness and empowerment of better voting methods. We hope that the new Center for Election Science website will help to usher in this new age of voting method reform, serving to engage supporters and spark passion for the cause. 

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