A baseball scoreboard is seen against a blue sky
Seen from above, one white hand holds a paper with various charts and graphs on it, while another white hand points at it with a pen. A smart phone and a computer can also be seen with the same images on them.
A variety of pills in different sizes, shapes, and colors are spilled on a green background.
A photo of the New York City skyline as seen from midtown, with the empire state building in the middle of the photo.
The left side of the image reads "Campaign Finance: Shining a Light on Political Power" while the right side of the image shows a photo of Pete Quist
An image with a red bar on top, a black bar in the middle, and a green bar on the bottom. "Juneteenth" is spelled out in yellow letters on the middle black bar.
Commentary & Analysis
Photo of Ka-Ping Yee next to text that says "Deep Dive: Voting Diagrams"